St John’s Sunshine Grants

11 March 2013

It’s been a year since St John’s Sunshine put up solar panels on the church, and it’s time for a celebration and to give out our first Sunshine Grants!

Since Feb 2012 the solar panels located on St John’s Church have earned nearly £1,500 and saved carbon emissions, considering it’s been rainy and cloudy for months we think this is pretty good.  It’s time to start giving it back and are offering up to £1,000 (max. £500 per project) to support two or more projects before the 1st April 2013 no joke!

Residents, groups (2 or more people), voluntary groups, community organisations, local charities, schools or similar who want to help people, communities and/or the environment in Old Trafford can apply for a grant.  You don’t need to have a constitution, rules or structure, you just need to have an idea.

To find out more about the grants, go to