Beginners’ Painting and Drawing

Starting Tuesday 5th November 2019 for 5 weeks

1.15-3.15 pm

What you will learn

 You’ll get individual guidance and instruction on the crucial elements needed in creating artwork, such as…

– Line and Detail

– Composition

– Perspective

– Scale and Proportions

– Light, Tone and Texture

– Colour …and much more

By the end of the course you will be able to

Identify particular styles and techniques that can be used to develop your own artistic work.

What happens in the class?

There will be a mix of presentations and practical exercises with the classes. Learners will be expected to make notes and independently practise activities.

Entry requirements

No prior knowledge of art is required and you should just want to learn more about this wonderful subject.

What you will need for your class

Nothing fancy, just the basics are needed – pencils and paper

What can you do after this course?

If you found this introductory course enjoyable, you can progress onto a longer course at St John’s Centre, or other art appreciation & history courses at Trafford College.

Cost £80 for 6 weeks or no charge if on benefits or on a low income (less than £16,009).  Additional £5 is required for resources when enrolling.