St John’s Centre Conditions of lettings and regulations

Private hire functions

These conditions, together with the application form, to hire St John’s Centre, the conditional confirmation of booking and the receipted account of hire shall constitute the contract between St John’s Centre and the hirer.

Please note that St John’s Centre must not to be used for religious ceremonies


All applications for the hire of the premises must be on the form provided and (subject to clause 2 below) the person signing the application shall be deemed to be the hirer.  St John’s Centre reserves the right to refuse any application without explanation.

Capacity of the Hirer

Persons applying to hire St John’s Centre on behalf of unincorporated associations (e.g. clubs and societies), firms and companies 

  1. Disclose that fact on the application form and indicate the name of the association, firm or company and its principal place of business or (in the case of companies) its registered office
  2. Be deemed to have authority to enter into this contract on behalf of the association, firm, or company and to bind it or as the case may be its partners, members and officers.

Code of Conduct

All users of St John’s Centre facilities must show consideration to the neighbours of St John’s Centre and comply with the following:

  • Remember that this is a residential area and users should consider our neighbours at all times by, parking considerately and keeping noise levels down, especially when leaving the premises.
  • Noise from music and associated sources (including DJ’s and amplified voices) must not be audible to such an extent that it constitutes a nuisance at any noise sensitive properties.
  • All external doors and windows shall be kept closed when regulated entertainment is being provided except in the event of an emergency.
  • Behave in line with St John’s Centre equal opportunities statement.


A Payment of £20.00 must be made at the time of initial booking.  This amount is non-returnable.  The balance of the charges is due and payable twenty-eight days before the date of hire.  If the balance of the charges is not paid, the letting may at any time be declared void and the premises may be re-let to any other person.  In the event of the hirer cancelling the booking, within the period of twenty-one days, the full hire charges will still apply.  St John’s Centre may revise the charges at any time without notice.

Return Deposits – Must be collected the week after the hiring or within 3 months. After 3 months we will assume that they are not required and they will be donated to our Charity. No.1146058.

Cancellation by St John’s Centre

St John’s Centre reserve the right to cancel any hiring at any time without notice and without assigning any reason but would endeavour to give as much notice as possible. In such circumstances, St John’s Centre can accept no liability for loss incurred as a result of such cancellation but undertake to refund any payment made or would endeavour to rearrange any booking.

Electrical Equipment

The hirer must inform St John’s Centre if they intend to use any electrical equipment, which is not part of the fixtures of St John’s Centre.

All portable electrical equipment including D.J. equipment must have a current electrical test certificate for any use within the building. A copy of the certificate must be handed to St John’s Centre prior to the commencement of the function.  The cost of testing any installation shall be borne by the hirer.

No person shall use any stage lighting or other specialist electrical equipment without the prior permission of St John’s Centre. The hirer shall ensure that no additional lights or extensions from the existing electrical light fittings are used without previous consent from St John’s Centre. St John’s Centre’s authorised employees or agents may remove any such unauthorised installation or preparation.

Capacity of the Building

The user must ensure that attendances do not exceed the stipulated figure(s) at any time during the hiring.

  • Capacity of large hall = 150 people
  • Capacity of side room = 20 people
  • Capacity of upper hall = 25 people

User and Prohibition of Assignment

The premises must only be used for the purpose, for which they are hired, and the hirer shall not assign the whole or any part of the benefit of this agreement nor may the premises be used for a longer period than that specified at the time of hiring. All music must cease at 10pm and the hiring must finish no later than 10.30pm.

Refusal of Admission

St John’s Centre reserve the right to refuse admission or re-admission of any person to the premises and to require any person to leave the premises upon being requested to do so by an authorised employee or agent of the Centre.

Performing Rights

No copyright dramatic or musical work or lecture shall be performed, sung or delivered without the licence of the owner the copyright and all such licences shall be produced to St John’s Centre before the commencement of the hiring.

The charges include (where applicable) all payments in respect of the hirer’s liability under Copyright Acts.

The hirer shall indemnify St John’s Centre against any infringement of copyright, which may occur during the hiring.

Indemnity and Insurance

The hirer agrees to indemnify St John’s Centre against actions, proceedings, claims, damages, awards or costs in respect to loss, damage, death or personal injury occurring during the period of hire.

In the case of unincorporated associations (e.g. clubs and societies), firms and companies, this indemnity must be covered by Public Liability Insurance, and proof of such must be provided at the time of booking.

For individuals hiring the premises for private functions they should check with their household insurers to ensure that the public liability cover would extend to include the organizing of such an event.

Damage to the premises

It is the hirers responsibility to protect and safeguard the premises during the period of hire and if any damage or destruction occurs or is sustained during the period of hire (other than damage or destruction which in the opinion of St John’s Centre could not reasonably have been prevented) the hirer shall forthwith indemnify St John’s Centre against the same and in particular without prejudice to the foregoing: –

  1. The hirer shall ensure that no nails, screws, etc are driven into any part of the premises.
  2. The hirer shall ensure no chalk, wax, powder, glitter or crystals are applied to any surfaces.
  3. The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Any equipment used (subject to permission) including tables and chairs must be returned to its original position.

Preservation of Order

No unlawful gaming shall take place on the premises and the distribution of cash prizes or any announcement thereof is strictly prohibited.

St John’s Centre reserve the right of entry to the premises at any time during the hiring for authorised employees or agents of St John’s Centre and Police Officers who shall have full power to enforce these conditions and preserve the peace and good order.


Except with prior written consent of St John’s Centre: –

  1. No advertising of a commercial nature shall be permitted on the premises;
  2. No advertising matter shall be placed on the exterior of the premises except on the day of the function and in any case, advertising only the function which is taking place, approved by St John’s Centre and shall be removed immediately after the function

Compliance with St John’s Centre’s Requirements

The hirer shall comply with any requirement imposed by St John’s Centre in writing, to prevent damage to the premises, disturbance to residents or for any other reason.  In the event of the hirer failing to observe any requirement imposed under this clause on the occasions of any such hiring, St John’s Centre shall be at liberty to withhold any deposit.

Exclusion Clause

In addition to any matter or thing liability for which is excluded or restricted by any other condition, St John’s Centre shall not be responsible for: –

  1. Any article brought onto or left in any part of the premises.


Should the hirer desire to sell intoxicating liquor it will be his/her/their responsibility to see that application is made to the Magistrates for an Occasional Licence, which shall not extend any later than thirty minutes before the end of the function, normally 11.00pm.  The provision of a bar shall not be advertised either through press or by poster or ticket until the Occasional Licence has been granted.

In no circumstances shall such an application be made without the prior consent of St John’s Centre and the exercise of the licence be confined to the room set apart for that purpose by St John’s Centre.  The hirer shall display the Occasional Licence throughout the function. The bar shall close no later than the time stated in the license, normally 10pm.

Use of Kitchen

Kitchen facilities as are available, but cooking utensils, plates and cutlery are not provided. The kitchen may only be used for the preparation of refreshments at functions.  Food must not be cooked on the premises.  It is a condition that the apparatus and rooms used are left in a clean and tidy condition.


It is against the law to smoke on these premises, and contrary to our license to smoke in the front of the building. 

However smokers may use the area between the hall and church. Please dispose of cigarette ends in the bins provided.

Agreement to be Contractual Only

Nothing in this contract between St John’s Centre and the hirer shall create any right of property and the interest of hirer in the premises shall be as contractual licensee only.

Confirmation of acceptance of these conditions and regulations will be asked at the time of booking.

If you have any problems during the hiring please contact:Return deposits will be issued as a cheque payment  or a bank transfer.

  • Caretaker – 07949640608
  • Assistant Caretaker – 07856735659
  • Manager – 07732487933

Room Bookings Privacy Notice

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Storing your Information

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Sharing your Information

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