Distance Learning – Managing Your Money Level 1

3 weeks (1st June – 19th June)

Average 10 hours per week

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 19 and above and is free to all learners.

To register, please email Sandra McLennon at Trafford College barbers@tcg.ac.uk

This qualification is designed for adult learners wishing to gain a better understanding of personal finance and the products and services which can positively and negatively affect it. 

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved an Entry Level 3 qualification. 

Unit 1 – Understanding personal finance

Guidance on personal pensions, insurance, bank or building societies. 

Knowledge of financial products

Unit 2 – Making the most of personal finance

Understanding risks

Compare goods, products and services

Credit scores how to improve and how they can damage