Essential Digital Skills Taster

This FREE short course in Essential Digital Skills is offered by Trafford College Community Learning. It will start in January 2021 (date to be confirmed).

Course Title 
Essential Digital Skills Taster
3 sessions (6hrs) online   Tuesdays 10 -12noon  or 1-3pm
Course details 
Everything we do today involves using a computer. This short course is aimed at people who want to improve their computer skills so that they can actively participate in everyday life. 

The taster sessions will be delivered online to help learners to get accustomed to learning/working remotely, using Microsoft Teams and to help guide you on to the next steps to gain a qualification. 

The sessions will give an overview of the topics including:  

Communicating with family and friends
Buying goods online 
Staying safe on-line 
Using computers (identifying and solving basic technical problems)  Editing documents
Managing and storing information 

Once the learner has completed the sessions, they will be signposted to an appropriate course to meet their needs.

Note: Learners must have access to a computer and WiFi to participate in the taster sessions. They should also have some experience using a computer/keyboard. 

Please call Sandra on 07944933959 to register your interest.