Human Biology Day Course

Join us on Saturday, March 23rd from 10.30am-2pm for this FREE Biology day course, provided by the WEA and the Wellcome Trust, and find out:

· What is  the difference between poo and wee? (faeces and urine)

· What does the liver do? How can we look after it?

· What do blood tests, urine tests and pulse rates tell the doctor?

· What are enzymes and hormones?

· We have a fast and slow way to react to things – Why? How?

Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee provided. You will receive an email after the class with power points and links to websites with videos and further reading.

To enrol on the course, go to , click on “I know my course reference” and type in the Course Reference C3842984.

Alternatively, you can enrol over the phone on 0300 303 3464.