The World in Old Trafford

Old Trafford has a long history of migration – from Irish labourers in the 1880s and wartime migrants from Europe, through the Windrush generation, to more recent South Asian migration.

If you would like to find out more about your family’s journey to Old Trafford, and their history here, join us at the launch event for our new family history project “The World in Old Trafford”, funded by TMBC’s Inclusive Neighbourhoods Fund.

Saturday, 23rd April 2-4pm

Entry is free, and everyone is welcome.

Find out how to start your family history research, and see what help is available to you locally, nationally and internationally.

Sign up to our course of monthly sessions, running from May until February 2023, where you can get regular guidance through the process of tracing your family history, and access genealogy websites on our computers.

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